Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Domestic use of Wireless Technology

10 years ago the internet was very rare. Today the Internet has become an essential part of our lives, work and study economics. The same can be said for wireless technology. 5 years ago, hardly anyone today the search for Wi-Fi is going crazy with all available wireless networks. It seems perfectly normal now to sit on my deck and surf the Internet wirelessly. And Wi-Fi is not limited to computers or the Internet to connect.

What about WiFi rabbit? This is a toy rabbit that is permanently connected to the Internet. You can talk to her, give orders. You can also speak and be alert for incoming messages, SMS, phone, etc. It may be that your e-mail, weather reports, stock information and so on to read.

It has a USB port for a printer to print and the wireless connection. But the absolute coolest thing ITA minijack audio port. Here you can use any computer system or HI-FI. So basically, for 129, you can use a Wi-Fi allows you to wirelessly print and you can wirelessly play your music without wires! And it's not all.