Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cellular Networks and Net Neutrality

While analyzing the Washington Senators in net neutrality issues that relate to the earth cable and telecommunications networks, the VoIP provider Skype from eBay has asked the FCC to open wireless networks for outdoor applications and devices. While serving during the car, the petition raises the debate about what kind of consumer choice on the appropriate role of the public airwaves.

Specifically, Skype asked the FCC to use the Carter Phone decision in 1968 to the cellular communications industry today. Before this decision, AT & T decided what type of device can be connected to their network, typically a telephone unit, which was sold exclusively by them.

As a result of the decision Phone Carter, arrested control of the telephone company network to the telephone. Consumers can choose from an onslaught of new units and technologies to market. Answering machines, fax machines, and possibly the modem. - An important factor in the Internet boom of the nineties

Since the FCC began the auction of public airwaves in the 1990s, the growth of the cell phone industry has exploded, changing the very face of telecommunications and the way people communicate around the world. The new technology has flourished and today, cellular networks can transmit voice, but an extension of the Internet.

The developers and manufacturers have come out with mobile applications like SMS, e-mail, a full blown web browsing, music and videos back and download applications for your mobile office, VoIP and more. The new generation of mobile phones are now called smart phones, and can do almost everything a computer can do. The phones have built several radios that can use cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth frequencies, and can easily switch a call to a cellular network is much cheaper on the Internet via VoIP over Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth wireless technology allows devices to communicate with each other on the low-frequency short-range radio frequency. Bluetooth printers, laptops, cell phones and wireless headsets, and users can download multimedia files, send files and photos with the printer, and talk to the phone hands free. Yet, the airlines of the United States will at some point or another, paralyzed many of the functions using Bluetooth technology.

Probably the most disruptive technology for the cellular industry is WiFi. 802.11b / g allows wireless broadband suitable for web browsing via email, including the communication device, and the dreaded, extremely cheap, Voice over Internet Protocol. Internet telephony is possible to bypass the wireless network by sending the voice directly over the Internet via a phone or a WiFi connection.

Equipment manufacturers can use and integrate technology into their WiFi phones, but mobile carriers in the United States have opposed tooth and nail, to cripple the Wi-Fi equipment, and require that manufacturers of WiFi-less versions of mobile phones the American market. Although it is technically possible to download third party applications such as Skype on the phone, the WiFi will be able to do its business model phone would threaten the very cellcos.

Today cell phones are in the United States very few who are able to access. Right now, cellphones are becoming available in Europe, which can operate over the cellular network and mobile business by integrating enterprise IP telephony system / PBX.

Cellular Handsets And Wi-Fi Mode

Many mobile phone manufacturers have established production to include Wi-Fi. Many cellular service carriers have launched a free Wi-Fi technology, and in fact, was a producer to disable the Wi-Fi handset. Most professionals do not offer these phones at a price that does not belong to the normal retail price of the packages. These phones also have the same "locked" (phones, which operate only in the service provider), the service, so no real freedom or savings to find.

Phone manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry and iPhone, even powerful product WiFi capable handsets. Why use the WiFi? Rewards and cost savings is in the ability to make VoIP calls through the handset exists. At present, there will be a unique number and identity. Call with WiFi has great savings on the GSM network for both the user and the operator. Photo call at the office, at home or even any open WiFi network without incurring cell with stronger signal strength.

So, what is the future of dual-mode WiFi phones? The first is a longer battery life. Currently, surf the web and called WiFi side of the laptop will consume more energy. The new chip designs are works of perfection is to solve problem.Second seamless switching Wi-Fi VoIP phone and a GSM network. Many of the phones active Wi-Fi network, once a call has been dropped out of the reach of the signal. Nokia is a pioneer to have the opportunity to change the two technologies without dropping the call.

How can we use this WiFi technology sector? The average user today is to thank you for giving them the door. There is light at the end of the tunnel. By going to an independent distributor of the phone, you can buy one of these devices. There are many different styles to choose from. Libertad. Combined to just call and listen to music, e-mail, large screen for easy viewing of the Internet are just some features that are available. In addition to the freedom of a "key" phone, you can travel to distant lands and buy a temporary SIM card and use the computer as a local phone. It also has a "key" telephone services less expensive choice, such as VoIP calls and email services.

Best WLAN Book

To take classes taught in a variety of IT and the learner moves along, I have read and evaluated by a book certification for Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, and EC-Council. Although not part of my job description I've always been given the task of evaluating the books. In one school I was a resident bookworm. I remember getting the first three Planet PDF, and work to convince my boss, the owner of the school, to seriously examine CWNA course. Since then I have lived these books over and over again. CWNA text 1 edition of the 3 rd edition continues to hold an enviable place in my library. There are books that are excellent, but very hard eyes and the brain. This new text written by David Coleman and David Westcott has exceeded the standard set by previous editions of these.

The question of authority in the world of the book was written vague as far as I'm concerned. Book became free for all professionals. There are books written about the pace of the tabloids, exaggeration, misrepresentation and everything. Something like a bookarazzi. However we can be sure that Mr. Coleman and Westcott have every right to write a book on the WLAN. Although I do not think we met, I have followed his writings for a long time. In my search for CWNA CWSP certification and hung on every word written by "Mr. Multipath", as he is affectionately known in the world-Fi. Mr.Coleman is and has been a coach / consultant for the CWNP Program from the beginning. His company networks Airspy specializes in government classrooms and travels the world knowledge of the distribution. Mr. Westcott is also an experienced "Brainiac" thoroughly versed in WiFi technology. We can be comfortable in accepting the accuracy and adequacy of information provided.

Whenever they ask me to remove from the text itself to assess the status of the director and let my students to a person. CWNA in reading the text I immediately liked the look. The image chosen for the cover is a sedative, a tone of comfort, relaxation, presented almost as a book. Feel the book is not intimidating, he grabbed the approval was that the book seemed to read, unlike some books that triggered an immediate response to "Lord". I remember a school is trying to teach "Introduction to Wireless", and for some reason chose Definitive Guide 802.11 Wireless Networks. You can imagine the response to the learners. This text is that the appeal attractive student.

Pandigital eReader

The Pandigital eReader eBook reader is a social product Pandigital. Pandigital, which are known for their scanners and digital photo frames, decided to upgrade to unravel with Pandigital Novel eReader, eReader a versatile 7-inch with Wi-Fi technology, an operating system Android, one and touch screen LCD. E-book reader with ST colorful, built in Wi-Fi; & Noble eBook Store Access to Barnes, San disk expansion slot for memory expansion, e-mail and a web browser that shows some video formats and images support for multimedia playback. If you know of Pandigital, you probably know for his photo frames. The Pandigital E-reader of the novel attempts to be value for money, a solid color, the Android-based e-reader is also used as a tablet.

The novel has a 9-inch Pandigital 9 "TFT LCD with a resolution of 800 × resistance miserable screentouch 480 px. Based on Android, though heavily back to the skin, the novel has been slow to react to screentouch presses, and after Nate calibration, which has made things worse. It has a G-Sensor, which put him between portrait and landscape in an arc of 360 degrees. It has more than 1 GB of internal memory and card can be improved SAN disks over 30 GB one. The digital revolution has changed the way people read newspapers, magazines and books. The Roman Pandigital 7 "color eReader mm in turn, how to curl with a better book. Since 9 "Pandigital Novel runs on Android 2.0 and is open to the installation of applications, not just an electronic reader. Featuring a 7" full color touchscreen Android operating system. The novel is presented in a white plastic casing feels strong enough to draw all day and wear.

It is certainly an attractive unit, even if it was a bit clumsy, generally in the initial test. The Pandigital is known for the manufacture of frames. Average user rating over 69% and the rate of Experts rate this product more than 40%. The novel Pandigital 9-inch color e-reader is a response to the previous e-readers that Pandigital launched before this year! We take a look at the glasses material, how they are expressed by the side of the contest, and much more! Now read this! The PD is a novel full of color more than 4 GB WiFi eReader. With access to your images and the internet, music and videos, this tablet a portal for all your media.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

WiFi Hitting the Security Cameras Scene

The latest revolution in security cameras are not connected to the sensor or lens, causing the large signal.

Wireless security cameras are now going to WiFi.

As for the latest technology, it is not surprising that the WiFi is welcome in this area. Many wireless cameras are available for any surveillance system very efficient and functional.

Wireless security camera can perform many functions such as remote viewing, motion detection and recording, and best of all is that it is battery powered.

To understand why wireless security cameras have become so popular, you must first understand the meaning of WiFi and its functions.

Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity refers to the number of wireless network technologies, and more specifically referred to any 802.11 network, 802.11b and 802.11a, dual band. Word of the WiFi built the organization was named the WiFi Alliance. The product, which passes through the WiFi Alliance is analyzing the name Wi-Fi certified.

WiFi is a wireless technology that manages the network / communication between devices. WiFi is caused by radio waves transmitted from Wi-Fi antenna and receiver pick. These signals are distributed on the device with a WiFi connection.

WiFi range of consumers with automotive electronics, cameras, computers, camcorders, mobile phones, video games, GPS systems, DVD players, printers and more. Security cameras have joined the growing list of WiFi devices. The reason is attributed to many homes already have wireless LAN (local Wi-Fi). Just connect the security camera wireless network to ensure greater coverage area.

Wi-Fi cameras, videos to go beyond the WLAN, and then the video server or PC. You can install a WiFi monitoring camera much faster than a traditional camera wired safety. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that the Wi-Fi security camera can be controlled remotely from a laptop or phone to the Internet Department, and the image quality is uninterrupted. But the disadvantage lies in the transmission of video and data security. If not encrypted, it can easily be used to create security problems.

As Wi-Fi cameras are more effective than conventional radio frequency signals from security cameras?

Cameras use wireless RF radio frequency wireless technology similar to some high-end wireless phones transmit and receive video signals wirelessly. It has many advantages, such as mobile and can be implemented everywhere. A major disadvantage of RF wireless security camera is that the radio signals to transmit the video may be disrupted by electrical motors or fluorescent lamps AC cordless phones that affect the quality of the image.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ultra Mobile Computer Screens

When the computer came on the market, which was a massive craze. The idea of ​​taking his team out of the confines of an office space over the computer revolution. It changed the way we work and in many ways the way we live. When you add WiFi technology, cell phones and laptops together you get a truly mobile work environment and business is no longer confined to one place. The huge demand for mobile technology has accelerated the development in the last decade and many dream of fiction 10 years ago has become a reality. these new technologies is the beginning of a new revolution in mobile technology.

Although we have been able to reduce all the parts of a tiny computer components that are a party that has kept the size of the laptops they are. This is the screen. While we want smaller computers, we all want bigger screens, right?

So how to get rid of the idea of ​​a screen and come up with something that is small to carry but large enough to make the computing experience is worth it?

Say hello to the new work from Sony. A pair of glasses that look like normal sunglasses, but once you put them on, it's a "screen" that functions as an ordinary computer screen. While this revolutionary technology is still in its infancy, they have now been released commercially and technology that is ready to explode.

The port of the computer screen in their eyes is an interesting idea, but what's display its contents in a 5 by 5 inches, inch plastic box?

Possible? Of course! Say hello to the holograms and holographic technology. Although it has a long way to go, the idea of ​​planning a "screen" in the air is probably the most revolutionary, but it is something that has incredible potential.

Best Features of Wireless Home Security Camera

Security camera wireless home gave more developers to work with because the components can be installed anywhere with just a battery for energy. Technology security camera wireless home advancing so much, so you can do all sorts of interesting things with himself. Today, wireless camera home security is packed with more features, there seems to be something in the future.

Wi-Fi management

Winding wires (cables or any other for that matter) can be a hassle. And what are the connections that you can take with you out of the house. Imagine how difficult it simply plugs into the security camera at home and what you spend on it. The beauty of the changing security camera wireless home everything just by using WiFi technology. With WiFi, you can control your wireless home security as any camera can be connected to the Internet. Of course, wireless security camera at home must be connected to the Internet as well. With WiFi, you can control your wireless home security cameras with a remote computer, laptop or even a WiFi capable phone that is not rare to find nowadays. With the right software technology, you can even see what your wireless home security camera "sees" from any location with Internet access. This gives you endless options of how you want to control your family and valuables.

Night Vision

While there are many people who still prefer the traditional black and white clips from their wireless camera home security, the Department has also progressed with the times. Now, one of the wireless home security camera can store all types of operating in total darkness. This option is a wireless security camera at home can be very useful especially if you travel through different time zones on a regular basis. For example, when the New York City, you can still use a wireless camera home security home in Los Angeles also thought at night. Wireless home security camera with night vision may also be placed in the dark areas of the house as the garage and the basement so you can keep an eye on things in these places.


Wireless home security camera can also act as a security camera in the sense that it can detect objects around the room or the people themselves. Although this is a difficult characteristic that is available, however. Wireless home security camera can also have an infrared receiver so you can detect metal objects around the room, and perhaps humans. This is useful, for example, if you are home when an intruder enters. You will know immediately if this person is not armed or dangerous weapon, and looking at the option of an infrared camera wireless home security.

The modern camera wireless home security level is almost military. He can do all sorts of advanced things to keep your home safe. Know what you need to protect your home so you know exactly what to look for deals on a wireless home security camera.

Effective data transfer with Wi-Fi Networks

Wireless technology has totally given a new dimension to the field of communication and data transmission since its inception. Not only the home network and offices will be completed on this technology, but with ease of installation and the absence of son and tangled mess, wireless technology is certainly the most widespread technology in those days. Wireless Fidelity is a technology used in these wireless networks, and generally the use of universally accepted IEEE 802.11 standard.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Wi-Fi network that can easily be read by everyone in your precautions area where the signal is not taken. This means that all data transferred over the network and an Internet connection can easily be hacked with a computer user or software appropriate packet sniffer. For this reason, we recommend that you use encryption to protect your data, information and bandwidth theft events.

Wi-Fi network needs certain basic components that are present before the network is fully operational. These include a wireless network card, a wireless router and a modem. The network card must be installed on the computer and the router in turn connects to the modem via a cable. Typically, the range of a Wi-Fi network is 61 meters, which allows users to instant connectivity services. However, because many other electronics are working on wireless technology in the same area, the range in which the Wi-Fi works is that the record of 30.5 meters.

However, if you want to cover a wider area with Wi-Fi network and then use a signal amplifier to boost the signal for increased range and performance.

Typically, Wi-Fi can be classified into two types depending largely on its safety and accessibility settings. In the case of an "open" Wi-Fi network, there is no limit accessibility. For a "closed" Wi-Fi network, access is password protected.

Look around and you'll find a host of wireless links running around. Bluetooth to infrared, Wi-Fi, to give everyone an efficient transfer of data and services. But when it comes to Wi-Fi network, service quality and speed are much larger than others. Basically, a wireless Bluetooth connection to transfer data 1-1 while the Wi-Fi allows connection to an entire network. A simple trick to protect your Wi-Fi network is to disable file Mircosoft and printer sharing. This way, hackers will not be able to access your information and resources.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Power of Wifi Antenna

Wi-Fi technology has proven to be very useful and has stood on the expectations of users. It is the power antenna wifi, is considered the most important area of ​​development of WiFi technology. And 'possible to expand the range of a Wi-Fi (which is running the IEEE 802.11), which install and configure an external antenna, and it is logical that the greater variety of mobility can be provided to you.

There are different types and what kind of antennas available on the market, choosing the right path, we must first analyze all the requirements. We must assess our needs and meets the requirements of the antenna should be taken. If the requirement is to get a better mobility of the system, then the directional antennas should be taken. It is a widely used point of transfer.

There is another type of antenna on the market, and are called omni-directional antennas power. When one antenna transmits waves propagate in all directions. Therefore, these antennas can be used as base station antennas can transmit data at different network nodes such as wireless printers, laptops, PDAs, etc. These antennas have a few flaws too. These bi-directional antennas can not be used in point to point transmission.

There is a third class of antennas that can be used in multi-cast communication, in other words, for data communication between a point and multipoint, point to multi-point options WiFi power of antenna are available. It is very useful when we try to create and share the wireless LAN or attempt to connect high-speed Internet. This includes the installation of wireless access points.

Knowing and understanding the qualities necessary for proper and efficient operation and requirements of our system is very important to choose the type of antenna. Choose the type of antenna feed can help in the use of installing a wireless network.

If someone does not understand all the technology and wireless networks, and your request, please contact the technician before you buy any antennas.

Just know the area, offered by a particular antenna is not the only condition that must be addressed. In other words, there are different factors be taken into account when calculating the total distance of the male antenna, these factors are the effect of the wireless network card, and also the strength of the wireless receiver card (map the destination node). These factors play an important role in determining the effective range of the antennas.

Should we use Wi-Fi and Wi-Max

The hot new craze in the free Wi-Fi and your soon-to-be brother of Wi-Max. Wi-Fi is a wireless connection that allows users to access the Internet without a computer that is connected to a cable. And yes, it is very convenient. Imagine walking on the couch in the room with your laptop and never lose the connection. Imagine the freedom and flexibility offered by the school and office workers. No more embarrassing ugly wires to attach to the bottom. You are free to roam the Internet with their fingers while roaming your home, school or office, with his feet. Freedom of movement and freedom to navigate. Perfect for the person on the road and up to date with the latest technology. You can even have free internet access in the local coffee shop. The same applies to airports. What a great idea. Or is it?

What exactly is Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi is a generic term which means "wireless fidelity". This simply means that the computer can access the Internet without cables or son. In other words, it provides a wireless Internet connection. It's like taking a base station cell phone and place it in your region of origin, class or office. Wi-Fi is essentially the same type of connection used to operate a mobile phone. It is a product of convenience as it provides access to the Internet with a desktop or laptop without using cables. Moving from room to room with a laptop and no cables are good, but it is certainly not a necessity.

Wi-Fi radio frequency wireless connections Emet emit radio signals, or radiation, just like cell phones, cell towers and other wireless devices. Wi-Fi usually transmits its signal at frequencies in the range of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Cordless phones often transmit at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, too, and this often causes the cordless phone interfere with a wireless Internet connection to a computer nearby. Wi-Fi frequency is considerably higher than the frequencies used for mobile phones which operate at 850 MHz to1900 MHz. This higher frequency allows more data to be transported. But as we shall see later, this is not the signal frequency that is detrimental to our health. So most Wi-Fi frequency is not really the issue at all when it comes to health problems.

Wi-Fi in schools now Wi-Fi has become popular in the home, office, airport, and coffee bars. Many cities are installing "hot spots" where you can take a laptop and free internet access via the Web included. This is known as a "hot spot". It is a place to make a wireless connection to the Internet. They grow everywhere. Whole cities are becoming wireless for connecting to the Internet from anywhere in the city. And because of the ease, convenience, Wi-Fi in schools are becoming very popular, too. No longer are computers wired to a connection in a classroom. Connections are now virtual and allow the user, student or teacher, the freedom to connect anywhere in the school without the burden of being limited by the cable connections.

Why wireless connections are bad, there are two mechanisms potentially dangerous where Wi-Fi users, including schoolchildren, may be harmed. The first mechanism involves exposure to radiation from a distance or proximity of the user to the computer screen. This type of exposure comes from the electromagnetic field emitted by the screen itself and has nothing to do with the wireless connection. Electromagnetic radiation is given off the computer screen, if the connection is wired or wireless. All computer monitors and all produce electromagnetic radiation. These electromagnetic fields can be considerable force and can reach much higher than the 1 milligauss (1 mg) exposure limits recommended by experts as safe. One such area is easily measured with an instrument called an inexpensive gauss meter.

Cellular VOIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers two types of telephone communication via the Internet: a computer to another and from one phone to another. The most popular services are VoIP phones for voice communications. A phone adapter is connected to a DSL or cable modem, then an analog telephone.

Recent developments in the VoIP service is a Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) phones. WiFi phones send signals, such as mobile phones, but on a different frequency (Wilson), the signals are intercepted and routed to the Internet.

WiFi phones have been developed in a limited network connection. For example, a large office staff to communicate with each other through the network without being tied to their desk phones. Recently, mobile Wi-Fi has expanded beyond the confines of a limited network to include the largest network in the world: the Internet.

The mobile phone manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon to develop phones that work as both WiFi and cellular dual-mode hybrid called. A hybrid user moves outside their cellular service can switch to VoIP.

The first versions were full of problems, for example, a user must manually change the hybrid cell phone service, VoIP service. In addition, wireless service is limited to areas called hot spots. Hotspots which are growing, and some manufacturers have already published two improved versions of its hybrid mobile phone automatically switches, VOIP space, while a user has traveled far from the hybrid cells without interrupting the game.

WiFi Enabled Photocopiers

In recent years office printing has evolved, with many companies choose to replace some of their individual desktop printers with an all in one multifunction device. This was partly made possible by the introduction of WiFi technology in these devices. In many offices, especially when they are open-plan space can be valuable to find a position for a large photocopier can be difficult. Now, office machines such as copiers and multifunction machines are often capable of storing documents electronically, e-mail and fax has become crucial for most businesses for them to be connected to the network.Without office being WiFi capable these machines would be located near a network connection, usually located in the busiest office.

WiFi enabled devices can use any desktop space and the excess can be placed in the most central place so they are suitable for all users, making it much easier for companies to consolidate their office machines.

Workers who spend time outside the office, and store documents, laptop computers will find particularly useful for devices with a WiFi printer. When you return to the office and the need to print all the documents, a connection can be made portable printing without the need to find a printer cable or move the files to a computer that is connected to the device. This printing method can be much easier and less time-consuming, which is especially useful for those who are in office only for a moment.

Most offices already having wireless networks to a computer, can be easily incorporated into the Wi-Fi network printer or copier. It is now possible to set all printers in a single device, which can be placed in the most convenient, without having to spend money for the cables to all computers. Such as printers and copiers increasingly include Wi-Fi can be, that could be placed anywhere and used by anyone who needs it, whether in offices or public spaces.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Plus and minus points of iPod Touch WiFi

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology, which serves two types of configurations of network connection. One is known as "infrastructure" and other configuration settings is known as "ad hoc". An ad-hoc WiFi connection can be made quickly and without the central wireless router or access point. Ad-hoc wireless mode is usually chosen mode wireless infrastructure, because it is easier to install and get to work. However, the ad-hoc networks are as follows:

First WiFi devices such as iPod Touch, which is configured to work with an ad-hoc network wireless is less secure and accessible to hackers on the network. Ad-hoc WiFi configured units can not disable Set Identifier SSID (Service) released from an infrastructure configuration-mode and can be clearly identified by pirates of the network without your knowledge.

2. Ad-hoc mode, WiFi signals can be less efficient than the state of the wireless infrastructure is generated in the total number of individuals can be set to offer a wider range. This means limited to a much smaller area, where it may be too full of other people using the network.

3. Wi-Fi networking standard for ad-hoc mode of communication only supports up to 11 Mbps of bandwidth, which is slower than the infrastructure mode configuration, which can transfer data at up to 54Mbps. Slower than the bandwidth does not work even when watching video clips.

4th WiFi access points can seamlessly deploy network encryption protocols to secure a wireless network. If necessary, this must be done so that the network is activated manually. This gives a small window pirates, but lucky enough to do their nasty tricks.

IPod Touch has a Wi-Fi capability so you can connect to a wireless access point and share an Internet connection in an area close to local normally only 100 meters or 30 meters. A wireless access point sends a wireless signal can be intercepted by an iPod Touch and require a password if it is protected and locked. But do not expect a fast connection that allows you to view and listen to videos! WiFi on the iPod Touch is great for data needs and low speeds, such as news, weather, web searches, etc.

But the good thing that the iPod Touch WiFi, then you can take with you and visit the shops like Starbucks and McDonalds and enjoy a hot coffee and soft at the same time using the wireless Internet to catch the latest news, results sports, weather, and e-mails from your friends.

Future Mobile Technology

What Wi-Fi phones? Wi-Fi phones are wireless phones that connect to Wi-Fi to communicate. Wi-Fi is a wireless transmission technology, high-speed data. Wi-Fi Phone uses the same technology used in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP is a new technology that allows users to make free long distance calls, but there is a limitation that the call should be a team. The new mobile Wi-Fi can be used for VoIP calls without being connected to a computer. They use the same wireless network technology with computers. Wi-Fi phones can be called a computer, wireless phone, landline or IP address.

Wi-Fi phones are a part of Smartphone. Smartphones are mobile operating Terminal PC like features. Smartphone usually come with GPS capabilities, messaging and e-books. Smartphones also have options to install and external application to meet their growing needs.

Smart phones have a high processing speed in the range of 200 to 700 MHz The smartphone uses the ARM processor. These processors are very energy efficient and used in printers, MP3 players and other small appliances. They have a built-in memory plus an expansion slot for additional storage.

Each phone is an operating system (OS). Smartphone OS is the function of driving and enables interaction with the firmware. Wi-Fi phone first connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is based on the degree of control the VoIP features, and make a VoIP call, the user's request. Just as the data packets exchanged by the PC to the router and the phone call. The point of view of hardware design, mobile phones emit signals of different frequencies. Payphones to return 850 MHz cordless phones use the 802.11b or 802.11g Wi-Fi signals, which transmit at 2.5 GHz in a Wi-Fi phone, the number is converted into packets and sent to the wireless receiver. Wireless receiver will send an invitation to the Internet like other VoIP call. When the debate began playing will also be sent in packets. Some Wi-Fi phones using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) protocol.

Calls can be made only by typing the desired SIP address. SIP is a standard protocol for handling voice data. Currently, the Wi-Fi phones have a great potential due to the lack of Wi-Fi routers all over the country. So it is not necessary that anyone with a mobile Wi-Fi is a wireless connection to receive calls. Some phones will feature Wi-Fi GSM so the user can receive calls with or without a Wi-Fi. VoIP uses a lot of bandwidth, if the router becomes too full, then a deterioration occurs, these problems prevent the growth of existing Wi-Fi phones.

Connecting to WiFi Network

With WiFi technology Gone are the days when we had to do our mission, work or play Internet games at home related to a home dial, broadband in the office or Internet cafe.

Today we can access the Internet anywhere and just about anywhere there is a WiFi signal for us to have free access. And with the latest software we have, connect to a WiFi network is with these simple steps.

Check if your computer is on wireless transmitter. The latest models have been constructed in the units, but if the team does not have one, you can buy a radio at an affordable price that is often taken in the card slot of a computer processor or desktop to connect a laptop USB port.

After the creation of the radio station, the next step is to determine whether the wireless transmitter that works and discover the available network in the neighborhood.

A network or series of networks may be available to connect to the Internet that you would be asked to choose from the list.

For those who are still using old computers, you may need to install a program that would allow the computer to find and connect your computer to a wireless connection.

Normally, the dialog is a list of wireless connections and corresponding signal seems to you to choose from. The signals measured in a number of bars to registration, as well as have a cell phone.

Finally, you must realize you can not link across all connections, because some lines are private, requiring passwords that are often encrypted. Avoid the private sector, unless you were invited by the owner, which would give you the password. After selecting the ideal network, you can now easily link. It's that simple.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

How works Wireless Internet

Have you ever asked the question: How does wireless Internet? In this article, you would know more about the ways to connect wirelessly to the Internet - wireless Internet access, WiFi Internet service, Internet access using WiMAX and satellite wireless Internet access. Explain how the Internet works, discover what is wireless internet access. Wi-Fi is a wireless Internet connection. Computers and internet service provider is a wireless radio. There are four examples of using such a connection:

1) Wireless Internet

Mobile network operators are offering you a voice, but at the same time, you can use their mobile Internet service wirelessly. All new phones have the ability to connect to the Internet. They also have an ability to use WiFi. When you have between your wireless router or WiFi hotspot, it is better to use WiFi technology. Otherwise, you can connect to the internet with mobile Wi-Fi connection. There is also wireless cards usually with cellular PCMCIA or USB connector that connects to the appropriate port on your PC. Thank you to everyone that you could surf the Web and check your emails. GSM and CDMA connects you with the speed of 9.6 kbps, GPRS has transfer speeds of 114 kbps to 384 kbps EDGE. UMTS is the speed you up to 2Mbps and HSDPA up to 42Mbps bandwidth. Responding to a question, how does the wireless Internet, we need to explain other ways that allow us to use the Internet without cables.

2) WiFi Internet Service

Wi-Fi provider that you want to use the Wi-Fi. The main problem with WiFi is not a region as large as the mobile operators do not. Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity refers to wireless networks using IEEE 802.11 WLAN - 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n. These standards are defined in the wireless signals used to connect a wireless access point or wireless router, Wi-Fi cards. Wi-Fi is also known as wireless LAN or WLAN - Wireless LAN. This technology is the first of what is usually come to mind when someone asks me - How does Wi-Fi. The quality, speed and functionality to bring Wi-Fi to make things worse ways to reach the Internet without wires.

3) Internet access using WiMAX solution

WiMAX Forum was formed in the IEEE 802.16 standard, called Wireless MAN. Wireless MAN or WiMAX technology is the bandwidth of 70 Mbps, the largest range of 112 km or 70 miles. Wireless MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) to cover a larger geographic area of ​​WLAN (WiFi). WiMAX solutions are two types of subscriber units: The indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit has a lower limit of the outdoor unit. Outdoor units are needed for professional installation, and are much more expansive, but they offer a wider range. The WiMAX technology is much broader than WiFi, and this is why WiFi is much broader than WiMAX.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Easy Access of Internet with Cheap WiFi Phones

WiFi is definitely the next generation of smart phones to connect to the Internet via a wireless router. The latest technologies in the telecommunications industry or the mobile industry is to connect your smartphone to the Internet using WiFi technology. WiFi phones have built devices that are very small. These devices connect mobile phones to the Internet. The wireless routers to connect to Internet technology.

There are several options for Wi-Fi, all you need to do to take advantage of this freedom is to know the range. You have to think that WiFi phones are very expensive and can not be at your fingertips or a requirement from now. This is a myth and you need to know where to get cheap phones on the market. If you think that if this type of phones are really necessary, you should also know that the Wi-Fi can also serve as a personal computer you have at home. So wherever you go, you can always get these cheap mobile WiFi with you.

Cheap WiFi phones paves the way for many to use and enjoy the latest technology at a very low cost. Dear WiFi phones are available in a range of $ 1I0 $ 150. If you want to find a cafe or WiFi, if you search anywhere on the Wi-Fi, these phones can be found to be able to look at the door. This is possible with the help of wireless G. Most routers use this technology. The connection speed is also amazing on these phones. Whether at home or hotel, the connection speed is very fast. Whenever you find a free WiFi, you can easily connect to the network connection always, is an unsecured network.

The current technique of using satellite internet is relatively low as the wireless connection. Dear WiFi phones work on technology that manages Wi-Fi within a few hundred meters. The WiFi card is based on these phones.

If you work in corporate governance, you need to know the importance of meetings and, of course, a reminder for us at future meetings. However, when you are traveling or away from the office, how to get the memo? When a low-cost WiFi phone, you do not have to worry about all these things, as you can set a reminder will arrive on time using the latest technology. This low-cost WiFi phones, offers you all the support to know what is happening in your office, even if you're not in the office. This is very useful when you travel.

WiFi History

Wi-Fi is a technology that many people have desired. Dream of the Internet in a quick, cheap and easily from anywhere, it seemed so close. But it lived up to expectations?

The technical issues surrounding WiFi are very important. It all started in October 1999, IEEE 802.11b wireless protocol. This provided a 5 Mbit / s transmission, and power range of 150-300 meters, but not fast enough for all, soon became very popular, it offers clear advantages of freedom of wired connections. The new standard was developed and became popular even before it was ratified in June 2003. 802.11g transfer rate is increased to about 22 Mbit / s, which is not yet ready for the future, but more than enough for most people. The new standard is backward compatible, so people in the old hardware can be used for new devices. This has made a seamless transition.

Unfortunately, there are some restrictions on the Wi-Fi. First of all, it is susceptible to interference from other devices, which operate on the same frequency (2.4 GHz). Microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones and baby monitors all have the potential to cause falls services - users too bad. "Power users, such as online players prefer to stick wired connections more reliable. The technology is moving and the last management standard - 802.11n - will soon deliver another important step forward, if you have the right equipment.

All this said, there is great satisfaction to be gained by sitting in a cafe with your laptop to communicate instantly with people around the world and access important information. WiFi works when it works very well and can be a real lifesaver. The best part is being able to use it on the road when you are out and about. But it is not always as simple as it sounds. Various studies have been done to make WiFi available on a Pay-As-You-Go plan, but may be too complicated and always expensive. There have been attempts to provide the Community network (such as Sunnyvale, California, is one of the few success), and time will tell how they become widespread.

So far, the best approach seems to be to find the airport, train station, cafe, bar or hotel that offers free WiFi. Normally, it is easy enough to get a password for the institution (although the instructions should be given at the time of connection). In this way, you do not have to worry about a serious annoyance and trouble to create a payment account. In fact, why you should set up an account for payment? WiFi is not expensive to install if you do not want to be a complicated system of payment. Another advantage of using WiFi is that you can use anywhere in the world. There is no need to call home when you can send photos, email and online chat.

How To Watch Blu Ray Movies Netflix Access

With the technological development of the actors were much better and with more options than they were a couple of years ago. I remember when I was home a player Beta, VHS and now DVD, but a new technology, one that takes place called the blu ray.

Blu-ray players have an image resolution much better and is more flexible because they have more features, for example, you can store pictures and videos on your hard blu ray, you can connect to the internet with wifi many other things.

But one of the great advantages of this new technology is that you can connect to the Internet from Netflix to rent movies and watch them at home on request. You just need to connect the Blu-ray, and if it has Wi-Fi is not necessary cables to connect to the Internet.

There is a long list of movies on Netflix, you can choose from different categories such as drama, action, comedy, horror, suspense, romance, etc.

In fact, one of the great advantages to using online sites like Netflix to rent movies is that for a small monthly fee, you can see all the movies you want, including television and in high definition.

My recommendation is that you can compare different musical instruments that are available on the market and get the one that best suits your needs. I think it's a better player, which has a Wi-Fi, because then you do not need cables to the Internet.

Wi-Fi Internet Radio

To listen to your favorite radio stations outside of your state used to be impossible without some very expensive equipment, but now with the introduction of wireless internet radio all this is possible. The best part is, it's not like satellite radio, and has no monthly fees, they hit you with every month. Is not radio supposed to be free for the consumer? Where are the days when it did not cost a dime to listen to your favorite song or talk show? When the grown-called satellite radio to decide it was acceptable to divert the things we call the radio? It is time for the consumer to take a position in this battle to the respiratory tract. Internet radio is the weapon of choice, and an inexpensive one.

Consumers are to return to the radio with the power of Internet radio in general, as we speak. Now that radio stations are streaming their broadcasts over the Internet, there is no reason to have more satellites. You can listen to your favorite stations anywhere in the country, and if you do not like your local stations, so you can surf on over five hundred other Internet radio stations that most WiFi receivers offer the listener of no monthly service fee.

Radio is free again, and thanks to consumer demand and the introduction of new technology now makes it possible for the radio that there is a viable wireless connection, and it quickly becomes everywhere.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Domestic use of Wireless Technology

10 years ago the internet was very rare. Today the Internet has become an essential part of our lives, work and study economics. The same can be said for wireless technology. 5 years ago, hardly anyone today the search for Wi-Fi is going crazy with all available wireless networks. It seems perfectly normal now to sit on my deck and surf the Internet wirelessly. And Wi-Fi is not limited to computers or the Internet to connect.

What about WiFi rabbit? This is a toy rabbit that is permanently connected to the Internet. You can talk to her, give orders. You can also speak and be alert for incoming messages, SMS, phone, etc. It may be that your e-mail, weather reports, stock information and so on to read.

It has a USB port for a printer to print and the wireless connection. But the absolute coolest thing ITA minijack audio port. Here you can use any computer system or HI-FI. So basically, for 129, you can use a Wi-Fi allows you to wirelessly print and you can wirelessly play your music without wires! And it's not all.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Laptop

HP has always been a very important name in production of good quality laptops. It's always the first technology to its customers and today is the latest HP Pavilion dv6t Edition Quad. Let's take a look on the outside, looking in the first place, the equipment available in 5 colors: blue, red Sonoma, black cherry and white shell and champagne. It measures 15.6-inch diagonal HD display and the HP logo that lights turn on the computer and also has the cool texture on the side, top and interior. The path to the keyboard and touch is very nice and clear.

It also includes built-in intelligent hardware protection, which makes sense if your laptop is dropped and the hard disk lock to protect data. It provides quick access to files via a high-SATA combo port, which can also be used as a USB 2.0-port. HP Quad dv6t edition also includes LightScribe technology that allows us to design and print CD labels. One very important thing that is very important when you buy a laptop has the potential of the battery, HP dv6t comes with a battery 6 cell battery with a duration of 5.25 hours.

Customer Service Department is obliged to answer customer questions within 24 hours. Dv6t HP has a warranty replacement of defective software, 30 days and one year of free telephone technical support. It is ideal for students, games, business, etc. In one study 75% of HP customers were willing to undergo this machine dv6t friends after being fully satisfied with the HP product. Some disgruntled customers have complained about this laptop recharging the battery and the adopter.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awareness Of VOIP Wireless Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), commonly known as Internet Protocol telephony (IP telephony) is a form of telephone communication via the Internet. Many businesses use wireless VOIP these days as an economical alternative to traditional copper phone lines or landline phone system.
But perhaps more similar to the traditional telephone network than useful, IP telephony systems provide verbal communication between the parties, such as a simple telephone, and transmission of documents, faxes, Excel files and video. While cell phones / cell conducive to negotiations that also use the Internet to access them expensive, depending on the conditions of the service plan. And not all mobile phones equipped with the necessary IP technology to function as IP telephony devices.
In countries around the world, it is possible to locate IP telephony providers. Basic features include caller ID, voicemail, fax, three-way calling, call barring, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID with name, last number redial, library information, local number portability and 911 service. Advanced features are also available and include enhanced 911 or E911 them, service, anonymous call blocking, phone number and change.
Some of the most common protocols used for IP telephony systems easier, H. 323, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP ) and Session Description Protocol (SDP). Currently not widely known or understood, although technologies, wireless communications such as VOIP increasing popularity and accessibility, these protocols very well some of the people everyday vocabulary.

WiMax Wireless Connectivity

What is WiMAX? WiMax is the latest and most innovative way to connect to this day. Through the years the internet has really become popular, not only young people but also the older population. What used to only one dimension of communication and entertainment. But today, more than one domain contact us. Since its introduction in society, the Internet has become an entirely new domain of life and business.

WiMax connections are currently only available in developed countries like USA, Australia, Britain, Japan and Singapore. Also available in a number of developing countries. To sign up for the service, contact your local telecommunications. Ask them if they have WiMax technology in place. If they sign with them and with all materials needed to connect. WiMax to connect, WiMAX will have dedicated modem.

Finally, WiMax is more reliable when it comes to speed. WiFi networks are well known and known to be slower, especially when compared with wire or cable connected to a speed. The speed of the WiMax wireless technology makes a good match, compared to cable or DSL connections. You can offer subscribers up to 40 megabits per second speed. Early in the future use of the IEEE 802.16m technology and will offer up to one gigabit per second speed. This type of connection, no need for cable.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

EPOC - Gaming

There is a good news for the gaming community, the Australian neuro-engineering company created a brain computer interface "Epoc" which can read electrical impulses in the brain and converts them into commands that a video game. With those thoughts and feelings, players can now interact with the virtual world.

EPOC Australian Government has funded millions of dollars to Project Epoc. Emotiv, the company raised $ 6300000 in aid to date. With a staff of Randy Breen, former vice president and head of LucasArts is Emotiv new gameplay as opposed to previously unimagined. This mind-reading game controller prototype is available for $ 299 and has a gyroscope to detect motion. Epic is not available to consumers at this time. Consumer version will be announced at a later date.

Authentic facial expression of the player avatars in the virtual world can be given to the use of technology Epoc. For example, the headset can be translated phrases players smile, a wink, grimacing in the expression of avatar with avatar in the game.

Hundreds or thousands of thoughts running through our minds every minute. Although we often think of something else set up, even for a split second. The gadget should be able to isolate and ignore the thoughts, not a single one of these thoughts to misinterpret the game commands.

Wireless Music System

With current technology, you can enjoy music without worrying about cables around your house. Wireless Music System is the answer, you can easily connect your music throughout the house, from your living room, dining room, bedroom and even in the bathroom.

There are many wireless music systems available in the market, there are two major players in this industry. Logitech Squeezebox and Sonos player on the field, which dominates the sector.

If we compare these two brands, Logitech is known computer mouse with that computer and computer speakers, the industry recently. Sonos has specialized in creating a wireless music system. When comparing prices from the perspective of the product is more expensive than Logitech Sonos system. Most of Sonos products start at $ 300 and up, while the Logitech product prices range from $ 150 - $ 250.

Sonos Zone Player is compatible with iTunes, which easily connects to Apple's iPod, the whole device, the iPhone still gives iPhone. If Logitech can listen to radio music via the Internet using a wireless modem or play your music collection on your computer that connects from the same modem.

If the device to connect and have no problem with money, you can choose from Sonos. But if you have a wireless music with style and fashion can choose the Logitech Squeezebox.

Cellular Handsets And Wi-Fi Mode

Many manufacturers moving production to WiFi technology to record. Many cellular companies have not begun to serve WiFi technology and has actually had the phone manufacturers to WiFi phone. Many companies that offer these phones are priced beyond the normal selling price. These terminals are the same "locked" (phones that only work for the benefit of the company) service for its own freedom, or that the actual savings can be found.
What is the future of the dual-mode phones, Wi-Fi? The first is a longer battery life. Currently browsing the Internet and calls over WiFi side of the phone requires more power. The new chip designs are at work to solve this problem.Second is the perfection of seamless switching between WiFi VoIP phone, and GSM network. Many cellular phones that operate in a wireless network connecting a time outside the signal range. Nokia is the precursor to the ability to switch between the two technologies without having the call.
Phones to make calls and play music just for e-mail, large screen for easy viewing of the Internet are just a few features available. Besides the freedom of a "key" phone, you can travel to distant lands and buy a temporary SIM card and use the computer as a local phone number. It also has a "key" phone, you can choose cheaper services such as VoIP and e-mail services.
An example of the frustrations is iPhone. When unlocked, it still has many of the feature set of the company. There are simple steps you can take this phone runs on your choice.

WiFi and You

Nearly everyone interested in computers remotely heard of Wi-Fi. People, much less know what it is, what it represents, or what he does. It has many uses in the home and business, it is important to know about this part of technology.

Typically, it involves creating an access point or AP. AP sends information to your computer in the range of frequencies, and is usually not at high speed. Allows you to configure wireless LAN, and horrible to take advantage of "hot spots" or public access to the Internet.

Wi-Fi revolution began when the name used for wireless local area network, which was to develop a description. It is used on keyboards, telephones, cars, televisions and many other applications. It is the necessary technology to "communicate" two or more electrical devices together.

The only drawback is that it drains the batteries if you are using. Sometimes information can be intercepted if you are running on a transmission without insurance. If you have experience and good in your own Wi-Fi network, you're fine. Otherwise a professional to do it coming, no reason to risk a break.

It's good to know the technology now, rather than waiting until later and lost. If you are tech savvy, this is the ideal way to clutter, tangled in the next LAN to remove.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Conversion of a Desktop Computer to WiFi

Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity is the internet connection is much more convenient. This lets you connect multiple computers using a wireless connection anywhere in the house. The process is fairly simple if you have the right tools.
Place the router in an area where the signal at each corner of the house will be sent with ease. This is in addition to your DSL or wireless LAN adapter. If you use DSL, you can remove the Ethernet connection from the modem to your desktop. Plug one end into the modem and the other end into the back of the router.
Fix some options for wifi. Sign on the IP address of the router settings, username and password and configure the SSID and password to be safer. Now that the wireless connection, other devices use the LAN connection.
Now that the desktop wireless network, you should be able to sign if you understand your computer, router and modem. Turn the modem off and turn on the router and computer. Let the router and modem on the first connection process.
Save your changes and click on the session router configuration.You can connect as many computers as possible. As long as the wireless network and pick up the signal. Simply enter the password on the router to the other teams, and you should be able to connect to the computer.
Just follow these steps to your desktop into a wireless computer network. Have access to the benefits of connectivity and communication with other computers without wires are cumbersome and limiting wires.

Comparison of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct

Much has been said about Wi-Fi Direct is now time to work with Bluetooth and determine which of these two wirelesstechnologies are best for you. Enter a constant struggle betweenBluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct, underestimation of the century. A battle is really implemented in connection with the performance of these two technologies in wireless connectivity dominates.

It's common to see people walking on the street talking on theirBluetooth headset that connects wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled their mobile phones. For a while it may seem that the Bluetooth technology really dominate the mobile market. But with the advent of Wi-Fi Direct, it seems that Bluetooth technology is to see the end of his reign. Unless Bluetooth technology must bean important innovation that the technology that caused hisdeath.

Wi-Fi allows users to instantly enjoy the speed of the connection a few times the distance allowed by the Bluetooth technology.The best aspect of Wi-Fi Direct is that it is backwardcompatible, ie standard units still enjoy a stable connection to Wi-Fi-enabled devices immediately.

Meanwhile, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group also announcedits own Bluetooth 4.0 technology that promises to do much betterthan version 3.0. Only time will tell what the outcome of this battlewould be. But how the struggle can end only one thing certain isthat consumers will emerge as winners.

Wi-Fi is Not Working - What to do ?

Check Wi-Fi button on your desktop or notebook - almost all of today the integration of a computer is Wi-Fi button. When this button is disabled, the PC can connect to Wi-Fi router, so reminiscent of Internet connection problems.

Wireless Network Card Drivers Update - If you have checked both the problems and found no problem with both of them to remove items from the list of problems. It's time to think about your wireless card drivers. Sometimes these drivers are corrupted and cause problems connecting to Wi-Fi. Therefore you can use drivers for your Wi-Fi driver update via the automatic tool. It is also at an advanced driver on the manufacturer's website and have been adjusted accordingly.

These are simple solutions to your question about "my Wi-Fi does not work." If you still have problems and can not go online because of problems with your PC, you can ask a support provider, there are many providers of support in the call / online services to offer a service that instantly cured the problem of "my Wi-Fi does not work.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What is Wi-Fi Direct ?

They move by LAN cable, in addition to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct arrived and is here to stay. The hardware manufacturers and struggling to make your Wi-Fi products certified by the Wi-Fi Direct as one of the first to introduce the newest innovation in the market expects. So what is it and how it differs from a wireless LAN or Bluetooth?

This is truly an innovative technology that would certainly lead to a tremendous impact on consumers, especially those who are always in motion. Try a situation where your cell phone, laptop or tablet PC just for a printer or television or a digital picture frame sync without having to connect to a Wi-Fi proposal.
Wi-Fi Bluetooth Direct has the potential to kill. How so? For starters, an overlap of new technologies in the area of ​​the same Bluetooth capability for connecting directly to devices without wires or hotspots. But, that's where the similarity ends, because it has a greater range and faster transfer rates, the type of range and speed of the user experience of current connections.

It is designed to be compatible with older units and use the same tires and radios, which means that there is almost no need for software or firmware update to take advantage of the basic functionality of Wi-Fi Direct.