Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cellular Networks and Net Neutrality

While analyzing the Washington Senators in net neutrality issues that relate to the earth cable and telecommunications networks, the VoIP provider Skype from eBay has asked the FCC to open wireless networks for outdoor applications and devices. While serving during the car, the petition raises the debate about what kind of consumer choice on the appropriate role of the public airwaves.

Specifically, Skype asked the FCC to use the Carter Phone decision in 1968 to the cellular communications industry today. Before this decision, AT & T decided what type of device can be connected to their network, typically a telephone unit, which was sold exclusively by them.

As a result of the decision Phone Carter, arrested control of the telephone company network to the telephone. Consumers can choose from an onslaught of new units and technologies to market. Answering machines, fax machines, and possibly the modem. - An important factor in the Internet boom of the nineties

Since the FCC began the auction of public airwaves in the 1990s, the growth of the cell phone industry has exploded, changing the very face of telecommunications and the way people communicate around the world. The new technology has flourished and today, cellular networks can transmit voice, but an extension of the Internet.

The developers and manufacturers have come out with mobile applications like SMS, e-mail, a full blown web browsing, music and videos back and download applications for your mobile office, VoIP and more. The new generation of mobile phones are now called smart phones, and can do almost everything a computer can do. The phones have built several radios that can use cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth frequencies, and can easily switch a call to a cellular network is much cheaper on the Internet via VoIP over Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth wireless technology allows devices to communicate with each other on the low-frequency short-range radio frequency. Bluetooth printers, laptops, cell phones and wireless headsets, and users can download multimedia files, send files and photos with the printer, and talk to the phone hands free. Yet, the airlines of the United States will at some point or another, paralyzed many of the functions using Bluetooth technology.

Probably the most disruptive technology for the cellular industry is WiFi. 802.11b / g allows wireless broadband suitable for web browsing via email, including the communication device, and the dreaded, extremely cheap, Voice over Internet Protocol. Internet telephony is possible to bypass the wireless network by sending the voice directly over the Internet via a phone or a WiFi connection.

Equipment manufacturers can use and integrate technology into their WiFi phones, but mobile carriers in the United States have opposed tooth and nail, to cripple the Wi-Fi equipment, and require that manufacturers of WiFi-less versions of mobile phones the American market. Although it is technically possible to download third party applications such as Skype on the phone, the WiFi will be able to do its business model phone would threaten the very cellcos.

Today cell phones are in the United States very few who are able to access. Right now, cellphones are becoming available in Europe, which can operate over the cellular network and mobile business by integrating enterprise IP telephony system / PBX.

Cellular Handsets And Wi-Fi Mode

Many mobile phone manufacturers have established production to include Wi-Fi. Many cellular service carriers have launched a free Wi-Fi technology, and in fact, was a producer to disable the Wi-Fi handset. Most professionals do not offer these phones at a price that does not belong to the normal retail price of the packages. These phones also have the same "locked" (phones, which operate only in the service provider), the service, so no real freedom or savings to find.

Phone manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry and iPhone, even powerful product WiFi capable handsets. Why use the WiFi? Rewards and cost savings is in the ability to make VoIP calls through the handset exists. At present, there will be a unique number and identity. Call with WiFi has great savings on the GSM network for both the user and the operator. Photo call at the office, at home or even any open WiFi network without incurring cell with stronger signal strength.

So, what is the future of dual-mode WiFi phones? The first is a longer battery life. Currently, surf the web and called WiFi side of the laptop will consume more energy. The new chip designs are works of perfection is to solve problem.Second seamless switching Wi-Fi VoIP phone and a GSM network. Many of the phones active Wi-Fi network, once a call has been dropped out of the reach of the signal. Nokia is a pioneer to have the opportunity to change the two technologies without dropping the call.

How can we use this WiFi technology sector? The average user today is to thank you for giving them the door. There is light at the end of the tunnel. By going to an independent distributor of the phone, you can buy one of these devices. There are many different styles to choose from. Libertad. Combined to just call and listen to music, e-mail, large screen for easy viewing of the Internet are just some features that are available. In addition to the freedom of a "key" phone, you can travel to distant lands and buy a temporary SIM card and use the computer as a local phone. It also has a "key" telephone services less expensive choice, such as VoIP calls and email services.

Best WLAN Book

To take classes taught in a variety of IT and the learner moves along, I have read and evaluated by a book certification for Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, and EC-Council. Although not part of my job description I've always been given the task of evaluating the books. In one school I was a resident bookworm. I remember getting the first three Planet PDF, and work to convince my boss, the owner of the school, to seriously examine CWNA course. Since then I have lived these books over and over again. CWNA text 1 edition of the 3 rd edition continues to hold an enviable place in my library. There are books that are excellent, but very hard eyes and the brain. This new text written by David Coleman and David Westcott has exceeded the standard set by previous editions of these.

The question of authority in the world of the book was written vague as far as I'm concerned. Book became free for all professionals. There are books written about the pace of the tabloids, exaggeration, misrepresentation and everything. Something like a bookarazzi. However we can be sure that Mr. Coleman and Westcott have every right to write a book on the WLAN. Although I do not think we met, I have followed his writings for a long time. In my search for CWNA CWSP certification and hung on every word written by "Mr. Multipath", as he is affectionately known in the world-Fi. Mr.Coleman is and has been a coach / consultant for the CWNP Program from the beginning. His company networks Airspy specializes in government classrooms and travels the world knowledge of the distribution. Mr. Westcott is also an experienced "Brainiac" thoroughly versed in WiFi technology. We can be comfortable in accepting the accuracy and adequacy of information provided.

Whenever they ask me to remove from the text itself to assess the status of the director and let my students to a person. CWNA in reading the text I immediately liked the look. The image chosen for the cover is a sedative, a tone of comfort, relaxation, presented almost as a book. Feel the book is not intimidating, he grabbed the approval was that the book seemed to read, unlike some books that triggered an immediate response to "Lord". I remember a school is trying to teach "Introduction to Wireless", and for some reason chose Definitive Guide 802.11 Wireless Networks. You can imagine the response to the learners. This text is that the appeal attractive student.

Pandigital eReader

The Pandigital eReader eBook reader is a social product Pandigital. Pandigital, which are known for their scanners and digital photo frames, decided to upgrade to unravel with Pandigital Novel eReader, eReader a versatile 7-inch with Wi-Fi technology, an operating system Android, one and touch screen LCD. E-book reader with ST colorful, built in Wi-Fi; & Noble eBook Store Access to Barnes, San disk expansion slot for memory expansion, e-mail and a web browser that shows some video formats and images support for multimedia playback. If you know of Pandigital, you probably know for his photo frames. The Pandigital E-reader of the novel attempts to be value for money, a solid color, the Android-based e-reader is also used as a tablet.

The novel has a 9-inch Pandigital 9 "TFT LCD with a resolution of 800 × resistance miserable screentouch 480 px. Based on Android, though heavily back to the skin, the novel has been slow to react to screentouch presses, and after Nate calibration, which has made things worse. It has a G-Sensor, which put him between portrait and landscape in an arc of 360 degrees. It has more than 1 GB of internal memory and card can be improved SAN disks over 30 GB one. The digital revolution has changed the way people read newspapers, magazines and books. The Roman Pandigital 7 "color eReader mm in turn, how to curl with a better book. Since 9 "Pandigital Novel runs on Android 2.0 and is open to the installation of applications, not just an electronic reader. Featuring a 7" full color touchscreen Android operating system. The novel is presented in a white plastic casing feels strong enough to draw all day and wear.

It is certainly an attractive unit, even if it was a bit clumsy, generally in the initial test. The Pandigital is known for the manufacture of frames. Average user rating over 69% and the rate of Experts rate this product more than 40%. The novel Pandigital 9-inch color e-reader is a response to the previous e-readers that Pandigital launched before this year! We take a look at the glasses material, how they are expressed by the side of the contest, and much more! Now read this! The PD is a novel full of color more than 4 GB WiFi eReader. With access to your images and the internet, music and videos, this tablet a portal for all your media.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

WiFi Hitting the Security Cameras Scene

The latest revolution in security cameras are not connected to the sensor or lens, causing the large signal.

Wireless security cameras are now going to WiFi.

As for the latest technology, it is not surprising that the WiFi is welcome in this area. Many wireless cameras are available for any surveillance system very efficient and functional.

Wireless security camera can perform many functions such as remote viewing, motion detection and recording, and best of all is that it is battery powered.

To understand why wireless security cameras have become so popular, you must first understand the meaning of WiFi and its functions.

Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity refers to the number of wireless network technologies, and more specifically referred to any 802.11 network, 802.11b and 802.11a, dual band. Word of the WiFi built the organization was named the WiFi Alliance. The product, which passes through the WiFi Alliance is analyzing the name Wi-Fi certified.

WiFi is a wireless technology that manages the network / communication between devices. WiFi is caused by radio waves transmitted from Wi-Fi antenna and receiver pick. These signals are distributed on the device with a WiFi connection.

WiFi range of consumers with automotive electronics, cameras, computers, camcorders, mobile phones, video games, GPS systems, DVD players, printers and more. Security cameras have joined the growing list of WiFi devices. The reason is attributed to many homes already have wireless LAN (local Wi-Fi). Just connect the security camera wireless network to ensure greater coverage area.

Wi-Fi cameras, videos to go beyond the WLAN, and then the video server or PC. You can install a WiFi monitoring camera much faster than a traditional camera wired safety. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that the Wi-Fi security camera can be controlled remotely from a laptop or phone to the Internet Department, and the image quality is uninterrupted. But the disadvantage lies in the transmission of video and data security. If not encrypted, it can easily be used to create security problems.

As Wi-Fi cameras are more effective than conventional radio frequency signals from security cameras?

Cameras use wireless RF radio frequency wireless technology similar to some high-end wireless phones transmit and receive video signals wirelessly. It has many advantages, such as mobile and can be implemented everywhere. A major disadvantage of RF wireless security camera is that the radio signals to transmit the video may be disrupted by electrical motors or fluorescent lamps AC cordless phones that affect the quality of the image.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ultra Mobile Computer Screens

When the computer came on the market, which was a massive craze. The idea of ​​taking his team out of the confines of an office space over the computer revolution. It changed the way we work and in many ways the way we live. When you add WiFi technology, cell phones and laptops together you get a truly mobile work environment and business is no longer confined to one place. The huge demand for mobile technology has accelerated the development in the last decade and many dream of fiction 10 years ago has become a reality. these new technologies is the beginning of a new revolution in mobile technology.

Although we have been able to reduce all the parts of a tiny computer components that are a party that has kept the size of the laptops they are. This is the screen. While we want smaller computers, we all want bigger screens, right?

So how to get rid of the idea of ​​a screen and come up with something that is small to carry but large enough to make the computing experience is worth it?

Say hello to the new work from Sony. A pair of glasses that look like normal sunglasses, but once you put them on, it's a "screen" that functions as an ordinary computer screen. While this revolutionary technology is still in its infancy, they have now been released commercially and technology that is ready to explode.

The port of the computer screen in their eyes is an interesting idea, but what's display its contents in a 5 by 5 inches, inch plastic box?

Possible? Of course! Say hello to the holograms and holographic technology. Although it has a long way to go, the idea of ​​planning a "screen" in the air is probably the most revolutionary, but it is something that has incredible potential.

Best Features of Wireless Home Security Camera

Security camera wireless home gave more developers to work with because the components can be installed anywhere with just a battery for energy. Technology security camera wireless home advancing so much, so you can do all sorts of interesting things with himself. Today, wireless camera home security is packed with more features, there seems to be something in the future.

Wi-Fi management

Winding wires (cables or any other for that matter) can be a hassle. And what are the connections that you can take with you out of the house. Imagine how difficult it simply plugs into the security camera at home and what you spend on it. The beauty of the changing security camera wireless home everything just by using WiFi technology. With WiFi, you can control your wireless home security as any camera can be connected to the Internet. Of course, wireless security camera at home must be connected to the Internet as well. With WiFi, you can control your wireless home security cameras with a remote computer, laptop or even a WiFi capable phone that is not rare to find nowadays. With the right software technology, you can even see what your wireless home security camera "sees" from any location with Internet access. This gives you endless options of how you want to control your family and valuables.

Night Vision

While there are many people who still prefer the traditional black and white clips from their wireless camera home security, the Department has also progressed with the times. Now, one of the wireless home security camera can store all types of operating in total darkness. This option is a wireless security camera at home can be very useful especially if you travel through different time zones on a regular basis. For example, when the New York City, you can still use a wireless camera home security home in Los Angeles also thought at night. Wireless home security camera with night vision may also be placed in the dark areas of the house as the garage and the basement so you can keep an eye on things in these places.


Wireless home security camera can also act as a security camera in the sense that it can detect objects around the room or the people themselves. Although this is a difficult characteristic that is available, however. Wireless home security camera can also have an infrared receiver so you can detect metal objects around the room, and perhaps humans. This is useful, for example, if you are home when an intruder enters. You will know immediately if this person is not armed or dangerous weapon, and looking at the option of an infrared camera wireless home security.

The modern camera wireless home security level is almost military. He can do all sorts of advanced things to keep your home safe. Know what you need to protect your home so you know exactly what to look for deals on a wireless home security camera.