Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi - Difference

Advanced methods and communication of technology are very remarkable in our daily lives. Imagine a life without a job or your day on the Internet can not transfer data from your phone. These two are really in use in our daily life really a knife at work without them. But have you ever wondered what the difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi?

In contrast, Wi-Fi refers to wireless local area networks with the 802.11 family of specifications. It is used in businesses, organizations, schools and homes. But when we speak of a great help, there are many security risks that come in. If the Wi-Fi is not adequately protected and can be violated by unauthorized users access to the Internet.

Bluetooth can be explained if the specification can define or explain how the various devices like mobile phones, computer or PDA connected to a short range wireless connection. Connections can peer-to-point or points, a distance of 10 meters. Also for security reasons, Bluetooth is equipped with built-in encryption and authentication services.
In contrast, Wi-Fi is more reliable because it is a mature technology compared to the previous one. There are a lot of improvements in technology since its inception. The latest version, 802.11i, which are industrial-strength encryption and security features that come with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) technology.
The concept of Bluetooth technology is made when each of us knew about seeking a replacement technology for short cable. This technique works by connecting a device like a cell phone can connect to a headset or a PDA to synchronize with a desktop computer. In short, Bluetooth is like your own personal area networks