Saturday, June 11, 2011

Perimeter Wifi Dog Fence System

Although wireless dog fence is more than a decade, the technology is a minimal change, which is odd, given in a time of rapid advances in technology. Not so far - the age of the circumference of the WiFi technology challenges for pet dog containment and dog training.
Most dog fence perimeter WiFi uses the latest digitally encoded signal Wi-Fi available in advanced wireless communications. Unlike the old fence technology base and are linked by the transceivers of the neck. These signals are highly integrated chips, while maintaining its position dog.
With more than three times the size of the coverage of conventional wireless dog fence wireless dog containment system provides a circular area of ​​up to two and a half acres.
Most wifi near the base also communicates critical information about security for you. At any time you know if your dog tries to get away with audible and visual signal of a border problem.
Is the fence is a wireless computer or Internet service? The fence is a fence isolated wifi which no computers or Internet services. It works independently of your computer or another computer.
What dog is suitable for system format? The dog in the neck size of the wireless transceiver is slightly larger than traditional cable systems in the soil due to the power electronics and specialized.
Dog training in technology has jumped containment pet easier and safer. But remember, to decide what works best for you and your dog is what determines whether your dog around the perimeter of Wi-Fi solution or not.