Sunday, October 9, 2011

Power of Wifi Antenna

Wi-Fi technology has proven to be very useful and has stood on the expectations of users. It is the power antenna wifi, is considered the most important area of ​​development of WiFi technology. And 'possible to expand the range of a Wi-Fi (which is running the IEEE 802.11), which install and configure an external antenna, and it is logical that the greater variety of mobility can be provided to you.

There are different types and what kind of antennas available on the market, choosing the right path, we must first analyze all the requirements. We must assess our needs and meets the requirements of the antenna should be taken. If the requirement is to get a better mobility of the system, then the directional antennas should be taken. It is a widely used point of transfer.

There is another type of antenna on the market, and are called omni-directional antennas power. When one antenna transmits waves propagate in all directions. Therefore, these antennas can be used as base station antennas can transmit data at different network nodes such as wireless printers, laptops, PDAs, etc. These antennas have a few flaws too. These bi-directional antennas can not be used in point to point transmission.

There is a third class of antennas that can be used in multi-cast communication, in other words, for data communication between a point and multipoint, point to multi-point options WiFi power of antenna are available. It is very useful when we try to create and share the wireless LAN or attempt to connect high-speed Internet. This includes the installation of wireless access points.

Knowing and understanding the qualities necessary for proper and efficient operation and requirements of our system is very important to choose the type of antenna. Choose the type of antenna feed can help in the use of installing a wireless network.

If someone does not understand all the technology and wireless networks, and your request, please contact the technician before you buy any antennas.

Just know the area, offered by a particular antenna is not the only condition that must be addressed. In other words, there are different factors be taken into account when calculating the total distance of the male antenna, these factors are the effect of the wireless network card, and also the strength of the wireless receiver card (map the destination node). These factors play an important role in determining the effective range of the antennas.