Thursday, October 6, 2011

Plus and minus points of iPod Touch WiFi

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology, which serves two types of configurations of network connection. One is known as "infrastructure" and other configuration settings is known as "ad hoc". An ad-hoc WiFi connection can be made quickly and without the central wireless router or access point. Ad-hoc wireless mode is usually chosen mode wireless infrastructure, because it is easier to install and get to work. However, the ad-hoc networks are as follows:

First WiFi devices such as iPod Touch, which is configured to work with an ad-hoc network wireless is less secure and accessible to hackers on the network. Ad-hoc WiFi configured units can not disable Set Identifier SSID (Service) released from an infrastructure configuration-mode and can be clearly identified by pirates of the network without your knowledge.

2. Ad-hoc mode, WiFi signals can be less efficient than the state of the wireless infrastructure is generated in the total number of individuals can be set to offer a wider range. This means limited to a much smaller area, where it may be too full of other people using the network.

3. Wi-Fi networking standard for ad-hoc mode of communication only supports up to 11 Mbps of bandwidth, which is slower than the infrastructure mode configuration, which can transfer data at up to 54Mbps. Slower than the bandwidth does not work even when watching video clips.

4th WiFi access points can seamlessly deploy network encryption protocols to secure a wireless network. If necessary, this must be done so that the network is activated manually. This gives a small window pirates, but lucky enough to do their nasty tricks.

IPod Touch has a Wi-Fi capability so you can connect to a wireless access point and share an Internet connection in an area close to local normally only 100 meters or 30 meters. A wireless access point sends a wireless signal can be intercepted by an iPod Touch and require a password if it is protected and locked. But do not expect a fast connection that allows you to view and listen to videos! WiFi on the iPod Touch is great for data needs and low speeds, such as news, weather, web searches, etc.

But the good thing that the iPod Touch WiFi, then you can take with you and visit the shops like Starbucks and McDonalds and enjoy a hot coffee and soft at the same time using the wireless Internet to catch the latest news, results sports, weather, and e-mails from your friends.