Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Effective data transfer with Wi-Fi Networks

Wireless technology has totally given a new dimension to the field of communication and data transmission since its inception. Not only the home network and offices will be completed on this technology, but with ease of installation and the absence of son and tangled mess, wireless technology is certainly the most widespread technology in those days. Wireless Fidelity is a technology used in these wireless networks, and generally the use of universally accepted IEEE 802.11 standard.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Wi-Fi network that can easily be read by everyone in your precautions area where the signal is not taken. This means that all data transferred over the network and an Internet connection can easily be hacked with a computer user or software appropriate packet sniffer. For this reason, we recommend that you use encryption to protect your data, information and bandwidth theft events.

Wi-Fi network needs certain basic components that are present before the network is fully operational. These include a wireless network card, a wireless router and a modem. The network card must be installed on the computer and the router in turn connects to the modem via a cable. Typically, the range of a Wi-Fi network is 61 meters, which allows users to instant connectivity services. However, because many other electronics are working on wireless technology in the same area, the range in which the Wi-Fi works is that the record of 30.5 meters.

However, if you want to cover a wider area with Wi-Fi network and then use a signal amplifier to boost the signal for increased range and performance.

Typically, Wi-Fi can be classified into two types depending largely on its safety and accessibility settings. In the case of an "open" Wi-Fi network, there is no limit accessibility. For a "closed" Wi-Fi network, access is password protected.

Look around and you'll find a host of wireless links running around. Bluetooth to infrared, Wi-Fi, to give everyone an efficient transfer of data and services. But when it comes to Wi-Fi network, service quality and speed are much larger than others. Basically, a wireless Bluetooth connection to transfer data 1-1 while the Wi-Fi allows connection to an entire network. A simple trick to protect your Wi-Fi network is to disable file Mircosoft and printer sharing. This way, hackers will not be able to access your information and resources.