Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mobile Phone SIM Cards With Integrated WiFi Hotspots

The mobile telecommunications industry recently announced a fascinating development: The integration of a WiFi hotspot inside a standard GSM SIM license. The intact WiFi hotspot with feeler bear been integrated into the tiny 25x15x1mm SIM license. When inserted into a average GSM phone, the SIM license uses SIMtoolkit to access the data bearers (like GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, etc) free on the phone. Hence creating a WiFi hotspot around the phone. Hip my experience, the range of such a configuration would be imperfect (metres somewhat than a hundred metres), but this tools offers the possible of accessing the internet from your WiFi enabled netbook using a standard mobile phone.

This tools was originally conceived by Telenor, who were on the instance investigating solutions to locate mobile phones with a excessive degree of firmness in buildings. They used a WiFi access node integrated inside a SIM license to bang back the WiFi cells in range, and so determining the mobile phone's approximate stand. This in my estimation is an innovative solution to an age old problematic. Telefonica, working with the SIM vendor Sagem Orga (Morpho) recently launched the SIMfi, as a mercantile consequence.

There are a run to of possible applications, in lieu of pattern, effectively using the WiFi link to put back a cable (tethered connectivity) to enable laptops to access the internet. For accurate in-building location. Or, in lieu of the creation of millions of touching WiFi hotspots to provide a data set of connections backhauled using the mobile set of connections.

Hip my experience, mobile set of connections operators try to move traffic rotten their cellular networks (like EDGE or HSDPA), on to fixed WiFi networks wherever probable. This is to alleviate Quality of Service problems to facilitate they are presently encountering. Hence, it's largely likely to facilitate some embedded WiFi device in a SIM will be used as an access node not a HotStop. Other than by government mandate, at hand are only some highly lucrative, paid in lieu of, location applications.