Thursday, May 5, 2011

WiMAX Technology

WiMAX, implication Worldwide Interoperability in lieu of Microwave Access, is a telecommunications tools to facilitate provides wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes, from point-to-multipoint family to portable and fully mobile internet access. The tools provides up to 10 Mbps broadband race devoid of the need in lieu of cables. The tools is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard (also called Broadband Wireless Access) to facilitate is intended in lieu of wireless "metropolitan area networks". WiMAX can provide broadband wireless access (BWA) up to 30 miles (50 km) in lieu of fixed stations, and 3 - 10 miles (5 -15 km) in lieu of mobile stations. Hip contrast, the WiFi/802.11 wireless limited area set of connections standard is imperfect in largely personal belongings to individual 100 - 300 feet (30 - 100m).

With WiMAX, WiFi-like data charge are by far supported, but the delivery of interference is lessened. WiMAX operates on both approved and non-licensed frequencies, given that a regulated atmosphere and viable financially viable kind in lieu of wireless carriers.

WiMAX subscriber units are free in both enclosed and out-of-doors versions from several manufacturers. Self-install enclosed units are fitting, but broadcasting losses mean to facilitate the subscriber requirement be significantly closer to the WiMAX foundation station than with professionally-installed outside units. Being such, indoor-installed units require a much elevated infrastructure investment as well as operational cost (site let out, backhaul, maintenance) due to the excessive run to of foundation stations necessary to cover a prearranged area. Indoor units are comparable in size to a cable modem or DSL modem. Outdoor units are roughly the size of a laptop PC, and their installation is comparable to the installation of a residential satellite dish.

With the possible of mobile WiMAX, at hand is an increasing focus on portable units. This includes handsets (similar to cellular smartphones), PC peripherals (PC Cards or USB dongles), and embedded strategy in laptops, which are nowadays free in lieu of Wi-Fi services. Hip addition, at hand is much weight from operators on consumer electronics strategy such as Gaming consoles, MP3 players and related strategy. It is notable to facilitate WiMAX is more related to Wi-Fi than to 3G cellular technologies.