Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What is Wi-Fi Direct ?

They move by LAN cable, in addition to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct arrived and is here to stay. The hardware manufacturers and struggling to make your Wi-Fi products certified by the Wi-Fi Direct as one of the first to introduce the newest innovation in the market expects. So what is it and how it differs from a wireless LAN or Bluetooth?

This is truly an innovative technology that would certainly lead to a tremendous impact on consumers, especially those who are always in motion. Try a situation where your cell phone, laptop or tablet PC just for a printer or television or a digital picture frame sync without having to connect to a Wi-Fi proposal.
Wi-Fi Bluetooth Direct has the potential to kill. How so? For starters, an overlap of new technologies in the area of ​​the same Bluetooth capability for connecting directly to devices without wires or hotspots. But, that's where the similarity ends, because it has a greater range and faster transfer rates, the type of range and speed of the user experience of current connections.

It is designed to be compatible with older units and use the same tires and radios, which means that there is almost no need for software or firmware update to take advantage of the basic functionality of Wi-Fi Direct.