Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wi-Fi is Not Working - What to do ?

Check Wi-Fi button on your desktop or notebook - almost all of today the integration of a computer is Wi-Fi button. When this button is disabled, the PC can connect to Wi-Fi router, so reminiscent of Internet connection problems.

Wireless Network Card Drivers Update - If you have checked both the problems and found no problem with both of them to remove items from the list of problems. It's time to think about your wireless card drivers. Sometimes these drivers are corrupted and cause problems connecting to Wi-Fi. Therefore you can use drivers for your Wi-Fi driver update via the automatic tool. It is also at an advanced driver on the manufacturer's website and have been adjusted accordingly.

These are simple solutions to your question about "my Wi-Fi does not work." If you still have problems and can not go online because of problems with your PC, you can ask a support provider, there are many providers of support in the call / online services to offer a service that instantly cured the problem of "my Wi-Fi does not work.