Thursday, August 25, 2011

Comparison of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct

Much has been said about Wi-Fi Direct is now time to work with Bluetooth and determine which of these two wirelesstechnologies are best for you. Enter a constant struggle betweenBluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct, underestimation of the century. A battle is really implemented in connection with the performance of these two technologies in wireless connectivity dominates.

It's common to see people walking on the street talking on theirBluetooth headset that connects wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled their mobile phones. For a while it may seem that the Bluetooth technology really dominate the mobile market. But with the advent of Wi-Fi Direct, it seems that Bluetooth technology is to see the end of his reign. Unless Bluetooth technology must bean important innovation that the technology that caused hisdeath.

Wi-Fi allows users to instantly enjoy the speed of the connection a few times the distance allowed by the Bluetooth technology.The best aspect of Wi-Fi Direct is that it is backwardcompatible, ie standard units still enjoy a stable connection to Wi-Fi-enabled devices immediately.

Meanwhile, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group also announcedits own Bluetooth 4.0 technology that promises to do much betterthan version 3.0. Only time will tell what the outcome of this battlewould be. But how the struggle can end only one thing certain isthat consumers will emerge as winners.