Sunday, August 28, 2011

EPOC - Gaming

There is a good news for the gaming community, the Australian neuro-engineering company created a brain computer interface "Epoc" which can read electrical impulses in the brain and converts them into commands that a video game. With those thoughts and feelings, players can now interact with the virtual world.

EPOC Australian Government has funded millions of dollars to Project Epoc. Emotiv, the company raised $ 6300000 in aid to date. With a staff of Randy Breen, former vice president and head of LucasArts is Emotiv new gameplay as opposed to previously unimagined. This mind-reading game controller prototype is available for $ 299 and has a gyroscope to detect motion. Epic is not available to consumers at this time. Consumer version will be announced at a later date.

Authentic facial expression of the player avatars in the virtual world can be given to the use of technology Epoc. For example, the headset can be translated phrases players smile, a wink, grimacing in the expression of avatar with avatar in the game.

Hundreds or thousands of thoughts running through our minds every minute. Although we often think of something else set up, even for a split second. The gadget should be able to isolate and ignore the thoughts, not a single one of these thoughts to misinterpret the game commands.