Monday, August 8, 2011

Kindle 3

If you like the previous versions of the Kindle, which will certainly love the new Kindle third Kindle is known as one of the first e-book readers on the market. Many of the titles available, many of them are free. It is a handy size and a large memory capacity, you can literally take your library on the street makes life easier in this busy world.

Some notable improvements. Let us see some of them.

1-The convenient size and has done it better. The reading area is still the same, but the overall size is reduced, so the new Kindle easily slip into your shirt pocket.

2-wide memory is doubled and you can save up to 3500 books in Kindle third New, advanced 

3-Pearl E Ink screen technology makes reading even in bright sunlight as possible in summer days on the beach.

4-The Kindle was a slight delay before going to the next page. This has greatly improved with a small hole in the corner now, so you can quickly move through the material even faster with the Kindle 3.

5--The Kindle 3 also supports PDF files, which means that all your important documents with you can keep them safely under the protection of password. The new Internet Whispernet colleagues can directly send files to your Kindle in a variety of formats.