Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WiMax faster than Wi-Fi

Understanding technology devices is not one that most Americans are just a sigh. On the one hand, they really should sit down and committed enough to do research, not always the fantasy of a strike. And second, even if the information is presented in such large quantities of data, technology experts is to filter the right way.

While not everyone has a laptop and wireless internet are interested in hearing about how there is something better out there, many customers actually sit and listen as long as the explanation does not rely too much on the technical ridiculously exaggerated. Instead of a digital dog and pony show, here are four main reasons why WiMAX is faster than Wi-Fi, which means that those who care about the speed consider what changes now instead of waiting for an old dog new tricks of the technology to learn.

Because there is a 4G network in the game. This means that the current network is a next generation step, the last front in the past. And when is the last, it is often safe to assume that you are dealing with the largest, in this case so much energy that the data flows back and forth without problems to keep.
Since there are towers all over the world are designed to bounce the signal. And that means that connections are dropped or stressful moments trying to figure out why suddenly the signal is available, none of which are very funny ways to kill time.