Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kindle WiFi

Kindle readers have long been recognized as a leading e-book readers on the market. With hundreds of thousands of titles are comfortable size and is a favorite of those wanting to keep his personal collection in one place or on the road to take. With the three new Kindle readers have the ability to Wi-Fi. So what is the Wi-Fi and why he created so much fuss?
The ability to use the Internet to surf the new Kindle Whispernet technology provides access to the Internet everywhere. If you ever need information and had no access to your PC, you will appreciate this. The Kindle connects when a Wi-Fi signal is available. (This is the local McDonalds or public library, for example.) Browse your favorite blogs and websites on the fly and keep abreast of the latest developments.
The new WiFi technology also provides benefits for your business. On the road and suddenly you discover an important document? Call the office and a colleague to send to your Kindle via the Internet. This certainly takes the hassle out of business.
Many other features in the new Kindle has been a winner and twice as much memory that can store 3500 books, and MP3 player functionality, not to mention a smaller size compact with the same reading area for easy transport. Add to that the new PDF reader and "now we are talking about." But that's not what this article really is, so I'll save for another time. Anyway, check out the new Kindle. It really has much to offer.