Monday, August 8, 2011

Internet Radio Wifi

Listen to your favorite radio stations in the out of state was impossible without some pretty expensive equipment, but now with the introduction of wireless Internet radio are all possible. The best part is that it is not like satellite radio does not have a monthly fee that you hit with each month. Radio is not intended to be free for consumers?

The consumer is coming from radio to Internet radio in general, in force at this time. Now that radio stations broadcast their transmission via the Internet, there is no reason to have satellites.

Where are the old days, if it does not cost a dime to your favorite song or talk show heard? When was the big name on the satellite radio people decide it was OK to carry off what we call Radio? It is time for consumers to a position in the battle for the airways to take. Internet radio is the preferred weapon, and an inexpensive one.

Radio is free again, and it is because of consumer demand and the introduction of new technology now allows the radio where you have a WiFi connection is viable and is fast everywhere.