Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wi-Fi Direct and Business

If you already have problems in the office connection or Wi-Fi Direct can only technology that is the perfect solution to your problem can deliver. This is a new invention of wireless connectivity, which is entering the market. Although this new trend in particular is aimed at users of mobile devices and future applications are currently under development, the technology used in intelligent networks and industrial applications such as sensor and actuator networks.
So what will this technology make it possible for companies? There are many benefits that technology can definitely give a commercial business. Remember that the current setting, seamless connectivity is important for any business. You get to share resources and faster access to important information that may be necessary for different sections or departments in your company to give.
While Bluetooth technology offers a number of rest in this aspect in particular, its scope is limited to only a few meters and is characterized by a slow transfer rate. In case of WLAN, you have access to a nice benefit of the shares, except that you still have to create several devices in a way that is able to communicate.
The best part about this is no longer a need for an access point or router to connect to a special unit to have. With Wi-Fi Direct, undoubtedly employee productivity and overall performance increase.